Monday, June 2, 2014

Theres a lot of americans here.

Hola darlings,
Well what can I say about this week. It was lovely/rough/exciting/long.. Okay taylor swift. But really I felt that way. 
Our investigadores are doing so great. We are really excited for Rodgiro, Brandon and Liz. Liz went to the baby shower of Hermana Marcella and we ended up finding three new people to teach through the activity. When she was there she was so happy and so content. she even brough the two people we are going to start teaching. Referencia of investigador?! Yeah, shes great! She came to church yesterday and was so excited. Her son Brandon went to primary and he came out so happy. He made new friends and one of the Hermanas and her set up a playdate with their sons. Rodrigo. He is doing great in attending church and understanding the doctorine. I have learned SO much patience and how to teach so simple with him. We got him a Libro de Mormon on disc so he can listen to it and has been very good in doing so. We have been working a lot with those two and menos activos. Now let me just tell you how sweet sacrament was yesterday. Four investigadores in church and.... 10 menos activos! WHAT?! We were so excited. Then to make things better, in the reunion de testimonies, usualmente solomente el mismo personas cada mes. Pues, esta mes no. All of the young women and young men bore their testimonies. The two recent conversos and two menos activo. ah man was it neat! So thats whats happening here in Tlalpan. 
Please remember to help the missionaries. When members are involved with those who dont know the gospel they progress and recieve the blessings we have! Every time one of you is going out of your way to share the gospel, the missionaries get blessings and so do the people. I know the gospel is the only way we can have true happiness in our lives.  I KNOW that god sent me where i needed him the most. With the trials that test me to put my faith in him. I know we have a savior that lives. That because of his atonement, we shall live again spiritually y fisically. Have a great week and remember who you are. Sons and daughters of a royal king.
Les amo,

Hermana Veater
picnic in the casa

investigador Liz y hermana Marcella

we lived right next to eachother in college

baby shower

unexpected visit

can i just take her home

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