Monday, June 23, 2014

Me voy.

Hola familia y amigos.
Well Ill start with all the good stuff of life in Tlalpan. This week was amazing. We basically rocked the world. And... WE HAD A BAPTISM. YAY! Hermana Liz and Brandon got baptized and were so excited. They had their entrvistas thursday and were baptized on saturday. Before the service started they werent there and I wont lie, I was kinda freaking out. They showed up and the service was so great. A hermano that has been friends with her forever baptized them both. The water was freezing so they were shaking like crazy after. During the service Hermana Liz bore her testimony about how much she knew the church was true. Brandon also. They have such strong testimonies are just amazing people. It was such a powerful and amazing day and I was just so happy to be there to watch them take that convenant and come closer to heavenly father.

Now for the... different part. I am leaving Tlalpan....... After six months with the most amazing mexicano family I have to leave one of the places that owns part of my heart with people that mean so much to me. I will be going to Narvarte with two mexicanas. One is a new missionary and the other is finishing her last cambio here. Now heres the crazy part. Remember Hermana Taquichiri my trainer? Well.. we stayed together during Tlalpan to train and now.. Hermana Veater in Narvarte 1 y hermana Taquichiri in Narvate 2. So we will be together a total of almost 9 months of the mission haha. 

Saying goodbye to these people was so hard. I think I have cried more yesterday and today than i did when I left home (no offense) but its been so hard. We went and visited everybody we could today and yesterday. Sebastian (Recien Converso) we had a testimony meeting and we all were bawling, then we went with Liz, and we all cried, and stayed up all night crying. Its been rough but I know that they will all be very special and dear to my heart for life. i am so grateful to have my first family here in Tlalpan. i have learned how to help a ward, how to love families, everything here. I am still devastated but know that Heavenly Father is going to take care of my family here with my companion and the other missionaries that come. 
Les amo y les quiero,
Hermana Veater
Hermana Dianna Villanueva

Hermana Marcella

Rodrigo y Aurera (investigadores)

Daniella y Marialle



Familia Guerrero

Hermana Adela

first day as official members

Esperanza del rio

futuro Michionera.

Hermano Sotto

Sebastian y Patricia

Hermany, investigador

Enriquetta Del Rio


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