Monday, June 16, 2014

Hola familia y amigos.
Well... lets see what can I say about this week. I guess ill just give the big news first. Some of it haha. First off, Liz and Brandon are going to be baptized this week! I am just so excited for them. We went to plan the servicio yesterday and she was so emotional. She basically starting crying when we were planning because she is just that excited. Oh people are elect! The second big news... So remember how my mom had a fear that I was going to get worms in the mission.

Hi mom, I have some little friends moving around inside of me haha. For the last three weeks i just had not been feeling too well and so me being the stubborn person I am, my companion and Hermana Taquichiri called president. I went to the doctor and I have paracites and colitis. I have been given a buttload of medication and a killer diet of Gerber aka Baby food for the next week. Three days of rest and a whole lot of feeling like crap and being bloated. The members have been so great to take care of me and help make sure that I dont eat things that will make more damage. Oh the things that happen when you live in Mexico haha. 

We had a killer week with the members this week though. We had a conferencia de zona this week with Elder Johnson of the 70. He spoke really direct with us but also with the members. We had this activity where we went into a room with a member, taught a little lesson, and then asked quien conoce que podamos enseƱar. They had to tell us who came to their mind without doubting. We received 15 people to teach! 15!! Yesterday we took the member to contact them (this member doesnt like to talk to people) and ended up finding two different families to teach. That was so awesome! There really isnt much I can tell you all about this week seeing that I was in the bed half of it. 

But here is my invitatacion. Tell your missionaries your friends. Dont judge and think that they arent ready because they might just be and you never know. that is not our room to say and everybody should have the chance to learn of el evangelio que tengamos en nuestras vidas. 

mildred y jesus

nueve dieto

bien druga

presente of jesus.

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