Monday, June 23, 2014

Me voy.

Hola familia y amigos.
Well Ill start with all the good stuff of life in Tlalpan. This week was amazing. We basically rocked the world. And... WE HAD A BAPTISM. YAY! Hermana Liz and Brandon got baptized and were so excited. They had their entrvistas thursday and were baptized on saturday. Before the service started they werent there and I wont lie, I was kinda freaking out. They showed up and the service was so great. A hermano that has been friends with her forever baptized them both. The water was freezing so they were shaking like crazy after. During the service Hermana Liz bore her testimony about how much she knew the church was true. Brandon also. They have such strong testimonies are just amazing people. It was such a powerful and amazing day and I was just so happy to be there to watch them take that convenant and come closer to heavenly father.

Now for the... different part. I am leaving Tlalpan....... After six months with the most amazing mexicano family I have to leave one of the places that owns part of my heart with people that mean so much to me. I will be going to Narvarte with two mexicanas. One is a new missionary and the other is finishing her last cambio here. Now heres the crazy part. Remember Hermana Taquichiri my trainer? Well.. we stayed together during Tlalpan to train and now.. Hermana Veater in Narvarte 1 y hermana Taquichiri in Narvate 2. So we will be together a total of almost 9 months of the mission haha. 

Saying goodbye to these people was so hard. I think I have cried more yesterday and today than i did when I left home (no offense) but its been so hard. We went and visited everybody we could today and yesterday. Sebastian (Recien Converso) we had a testimony meeting and we all were bawling, then we went with Liz, and we all cried, and stayed up all night crying. Its been rough but I know that they will all be very special and dear to my heart for life. i am so grateful to have my first family here in Tlalpan. i have learned how to help a ward, how to love families, everything here. I am still devastated but know that Heavenly Father is going to take care of my family here with my companion and the other missionaries that come. 
Les amo y les quiero,
Hermana Veater
Hermana Dianna Villanueva

Hermana Marcella

Rodrigo y Aurera (investigadores)

Daniella y Marialle



Familia Guerrero

Hermana Adela

first day as official members

Esperanza del rio

futuro Michionera.

Hermano Sotto

Sebastian y Patricia

Hermany, investigador

Enriquetta Del Rio


Monday, June 16, 2014

Hola familia y amigos.
Well... lets see what can I say about this week. I guess ill just give the big news first. Some of it haha. First off, Liz and Brandon are going to be baptized this week! I am just so excited for them. We went to plan the servicio yesterday and she was so emotional. She basically starting crying when we were planning because she is just that excited. Oh people are elect! The second big news... So remember how my mom had a fear that I was going to get worms in the mission.

Hi mom, I have some little friends moving around inside of me haha. For the last three weeks i just had not been feeling too well and so me being the stubborn person I am, my companion and Hermana Taquichiri called president. I went to the doctor and I have paracites and colitis. I have been given a buttload of medication and a killer diet of Gerber aka Baby food for the next week. Three days of rest and a whole lot of feeling like crap and being bloated. The members have been so great to take care of me and help make sure that I dont eat things that will make more damage. Oh the things that happen when you live in Mexico haha. 

We had a killer week with the members this week though. We had a conferencia de zona this week with Elder Johnson of the 70. He spoke really direct with us but also with the members. We had this activity where we went into a room with a member, taught a little lesson, and then asked quien conoce que podamos enseƱar. They had to tell us who came to their mind without doubting. We received 15 people to teach! 15!! Yesterday we took the member to contact them (this member doesnt like to talk to people) and ended up finding two different families to teach. That was so awesome! There really isnt much I can tell you all about this week seeing that I was in the bed half of it. 

But here is my invitatacion. Tell your missionaries your friends. Dont judge and think that they arent ready because they might just be and you never know. that is not our room to say and everybody should have the chance to learn of el evangelio que tengamos en nuestras vidas. 

mildred y jesus

nueve dieto

bien druga

presente of jesus.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Theres a lot of americans here.

Hola darlings,
Well what can I say about this week. It was lovely/rough/exciting/long.. Okay taylor swift. But really I felt that way. 
Our investigadores are doing so great. We are really excited for Rodgiro, Brandon and Liz. Liz went to the baby shower of Hermana Marcella and we ended up finding three new people to teach through the activity. When she was there she was so happy and so content. she even brough the two people we are going to start teaching. Referencia of investigador?! Yeah, shes great! She came to church yesterday and was so excited. Her son Brandon went to primary and he came out so happy. He made new friends and one of the Hermanas and her set up a playdate with their sons. Rodrigo. He is doing great in attending church and understanding the doctorine. I have learned SO much patience and how to teach so simple with him. We got him a Libro de Mormon on disc so he can listen to it and has been very good in doing so. We have been working a lot with those two and menos activos. Now let me just tell you how sweet sacrament was yesterday. Four investigadores in church and.... 10 menos activos! WHAT?! We were so excited. Then to make things better, in the reunion de testimonies, usualmente solomente el mismo personas cada mes. Pues, esta mes no. All of the young women and young men bore their testimonies. The two recent conversos and two menos activo. ah man was it neat! So thats whats happening here in Tlalpan. 
Please remember to help the missionaries. When members are involved with those who dont know the gospel they progress and recieve the blessings we have! Every time one of you is going out of your way to share the gospel, the missionaries get blessings and so do the people. I know the gospel is the only way we can have true happiness in our lives.  I KNOW that god sent me where i needed him the most. With the trials that test me to put my faith in him. I know we have a savior that lives. That because of his atonement, we shall live again spiritually y fisically. Have a great week and remember who you are. Sons and daughters of a royal king.
Les amo,

Hermana Veater
picnic in the casa

investigador Liz y hermana Marcella

we lived right next to eachother in college

baby shower

unexpected visit

can i just take her home