Monday, May 26, 2014

God wants me to have sick children.

Buenos Tardes personas de amistad.
Pues it was actually a really good week here in Tlalpan. We ventured out to a part of the area that missionaries never went. Found three new investigadores so we are stoked to work with them. Other than we walk 40 minutes and there is no mecros that pass so it takes a lot of time. We really saw the work pick up this week with 18 lecciones con investigadores. Yay! Finally! (: The joys of opening areas haha. So ill tell you of four that we are really stoked about. We have Liz y Brandon (su son). We found them while a member was helping them carry backpacks up the stairs and we offered to help. We have taught them four times and they went to the chapel and have baptism dates! The other two se llaman Rodrigo y Aurora. Rodrigo ALWAYS walk past the house and we always salud him but the other day we both felt the impulse to talk to him. His mom didnt teach him anything of Christ and God so we are teaching reallyyyyyy simple. All four went to the chapel this week! FOUR INVESTIGADORES IN THE CHAPEL! We were pumped... but heres the down fall. We didnt go! My companion was throwing up and we had to stay in the house. It was the weirdest sunday of my life. The obispo and his son and another hermano came to our house to give her a blessing and then they brought the Sacrament later. Every half hour members called asking how she was and people brought food all day. I seriously just love being a missionary in Tlalpan! We also had intercambios and i went to Bosques aka Six Flags. Its literally all mountains. We climbed a set of stairs with 102 stairs, walked through a jungle part and it was just nuts. Ojala que yo toce por esta area! So thats been the week. Cleaning up throw up, having random people in the house, climbing jungles, and working our butts off. 

Just wanted to give a special note of love to my Grandma Rowley... Keep pushing, keep going, and pray more than ever in this time. God is with our family and he will protect you. 

Les amo,
Hermana Veater

how they park in mexico.

want a chicken in the store?

Seis?! What the what?!

alotte con lider misional. 

what happens when your comp has the flu on a sunday.

Breakfast con Hermana Consuello. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Seis meses?!

Buenos tardes querido familia y amigos. 
I complete six months tomorrow?! WHAT THE WHAT?=!
Pues it was a really good semana. We had the ups and downs but uhm thats part of the mission life.. or just life in general. So Hermani... we were talking about arrepentimiento y mi compañera y yo sentimos como necisitamos hablar de la ley de castidad. Entonces estuvimos con ella de esta ley. Le dijimos que ella necista se separar a su compañero o casarse. Ella decia que no quiere dejarle porque es su trabajo, su familia, y su madre tiene cancer.. Entonces hasta ahorita no podemos hacer nada... We to her passed by for church yesterday but she wasnt there. We are kinda stuck with this situation but praying that she can find the strength do to continue in her progression en el Evangelio. We had a SUPER sprititual leccion con Carlos Carmona. He was telling us that he doesnt feel the love of Christ or god in his life because his mom died. We explained the plan of salvacion and how that is one way that we can feel the love of god in our life is through the conocimiento que tenemos que podamos vivir con nuestros familias para siempre. I took out a pic of Grandpa Wally and testified that I feel the love of God through knowing that I can see him again and that God has given us the opportunity to see our beloved ones again because the atonement of Jesus Christ. My comp, yo, and Carlos were all crying. In his prayer he said he feels hope now and he accepted a fecha. Also this week, our members have become so excited about the  missionary work. Familia Ibañez Ocampo (my second family in the mission) are having a baby in june. For the baby shower they are going to have it in the church and invite 30 nonmembers and 20 members and want us to teach the plan of salvatcion and connect it con la baby. We are super stoked that they would devote something that special to the church.

So heres where the favor comes in. We need ideas for games for baby showers. Seeing as i dont have this experience, we are kinda stuck. So please! Let us know some!!!

Well yall. thats been my week in a shell. I hope you all have a fabulous week! 
I just want to give you all a big thanks for your letters and support. They really make my week and months. I have a very blessed life because of you all! 
Con Amor,
Hermana Veater

bautismal de sebastian villa

primero smore de taquichiri

hermanas de tlalpan y hermana gabby calvillo


Hermani donpablo (investigador)