Monday, March 31, 2014

Second Companion. Training. Opening Area.

Hola darlings. 
What a lovely week here in Tlalpan. So we had the Noche de Hogar con la barrio. Lets establish that this is the first activity de un barrio por uno año or mas. So they were all really excited. We played games like Ninja, Zipbong, Musical Chairs, and lovers leap. Then had a little snack. It was so great to see our barrio find friendship and love for eachother and not just on Sunday. For example.. We were in seccion 16 the next day and came across one hermana and hermano eating together while waiting to do service. Two people that we never thought would talk were. The bishop has asked that we have another activity for this month. And get this. Sebastian was at the activity. We played a game of introducing yourself with sheets of toilet paper and one thing he said was that he wanted to be part of the gospel family. Oh my goodness. My heart was so happy haha! And the next day he came to church with a suit and tie, took notes, and prayed in the sunday school. He asks us every lesson how much longer until his baptism. I love it! 

Now for the sad part of life... Looks like Hermana Taquichiri are going to be separating. I am going to be opening a new area.. again and training a north americano. I am opening Tlalpan 3 and she will be training in Tlalpan 2! So the good thing is that we will be living together! Yay! (: So that makes 6 missionaries in Tlalpan. The lord really is hastening his work. Almost all of the wards have 6 right now! Que padre!!

Now for the moment of happiness and a hilarious story. Yesterday we were in San Pedro reporting our numbers with Leader de Districto. We also made jokes that we had to have a picture of us drenched before the cambios. We got our wish. We were walking in the rain size of literally golf balls for half an hour. When we got to a members house she made us change clothes, gave us hot chocolate and then we taught a little lesson. Only in the mission could you love and laugh at how hilarious that is. 

This upcoming week is general conference. I hope you all write down questions of your souls. the things you REALLY want to know. Because I know that if we are prepared to received the revelation and do our part we can get more out of it. I know that our prophet his apostles and those who will speak are people worthy and called of god. They will help you with whatever in your life. Take the oppòrtunity and soak it up. Have an amazing week. Love you all oodles of noodles.
Tremendous Two.

A day in Zoacolo

caught in a rainstorm

hot chocolate and warm sweaters for desperate missionaries

family ibanez ocampo

investigador. Sebastian Villa.

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