Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 1..

                                                                 WEEK 1
I think the title describes the week but ill try to explain more! First off, leaving the MTC was really hard. I cried a lot. We sang Brightly Beams the Fathers Mercy cause it is Hmna Steward favorite song. The Elders gave us blessings which were AMAZING. AH! Then at 430 A.M. said chow to the most spiritual place. I was super nervous but talking to ustedes really helped. So good to hear your voices. As the fam and Kate know, Satan really tested me even before leaving. My luggage broke, things were overweight and ah. As soon as we left the MTC, my bags were underweight, Elders fixed my luggage and it was just a miracle. I was pretty sick on the plane here with nerves but once we landed I was overwhelmed with peace. It was the weirdest thing. Me gusta MEXICO!!  By the way the keyboards here are different so if things arent making sense.. thats why. So to describe Mexico. The city is crazy. Literally people drive 100 mph here everywhere and fly in and out of places like no other. I thought I died everytime we got in a Mecro or taxi. They dont flush toilet paper here so that was new. Also being a gringo here is crazy. I cant count how many cat calls I got, how many people drove by second tiempo just to stare, and how much stuff people gave me simply because Im white. So crazy. And the food!!! You all thought Id lose weight.. nope. They eat soo much. Its spaghetti with brocoli and then enchiladas and then dessert. So much food. Its good but way too much for me right now. I really love this fruit called guajava I believe. Ah, me encanta mucho! We wash clothes by hand, nobody has carpet, and yeah picture ghetto, thats where I live. Our area is Tlapan and im pretty sure its a richer part but im not sure? My companion is Hermana Taquichiri. She is from Argentina entonces, Ive picked up a little bit of the "j" accent. She is super patient and loving and I really am blessed. She doesnt speak any english so that makes our conversations interesting. We live with two other Hermanas and for the time we are all working together. Hermana Garcias es de Veracruz Mexico y Hermana Davies es de Idaho. Which is suchhh a blessing to be able to talk to somebody in ingles. The lord knows us best! So.. the work here. The first two days we had to go to the aeropuerto because the person that entered me put me as a tourist so Im supposed to be kicked out soon. Finally by Thursday we started being able to work in between the meetings and aeropuerto. The miembros en our ward are awesome. We get fed every single day, they are so loving and kind and just great. We work hard here. 5-7 lessons a day or more. A lot with menos activos y tambien some investigadores. I believe we gained a new one last night. We taught a family home evening and they invited a brother that isnt a member. He seems really interested so yay!! I extended my first baptizm invitation and it was awesome. She accepted but didnt come to church so we have to invite again. Its dificil because they need to have 5 weeks of church and many dont comply. I think the hardest part so far is not understanding. I want sooo bad to express to these people my love, my testimony, and so many words but I do not know how. I hardly understand my companion but it really is coming. I feel the Savior reminding me daily that itll come. Prayer es the only way Im surviving right now. But, Im doing a lot better here than en MTC. I was reading in Jacob and it said to constantly repent. That was a reminder to me that I do need to repent for being frustrated, for not being patient and loving with everybody. And so much more. I invite you all to remember that the Lord is every single detail. And that people need you. Smiles here go a long way cause its something everybody understands. Smile at everybody you see. The people here are so loving and giving. Let us all try to be more giving and loving. I love you all and hope you have a bueno week. Chow! 
-Hermana Veater

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