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Inline image 6Hola familia! First pday. Woop woop. It seemed to take forever to get here haha. So let's see. The first week in the MTC was awful. I know that's not how I should be but that is how I felt. Satan really just worked on me every way possible. I felt so unworthy to be here, I couldn't understand the Spanish and most of my district was getting it, and I wasn't used to having to focus for so long in a classroom, and companions are tough! So mi companieras are Hermana Vea and Hermana Schuitz.  Vea is Tongan from Bountiful and reminds me soo much of Sione. I love it. Schuitz... let's see where to begin there. She is a vegetarian from Eugene, Oregon and is really quiet and wants everything to be just perfect. Well here at the MTC everything is kinda rushed and definitely won't be perfect the first week. So yup. By Sunday I had prepared all these things I was going to tell her during companionship inventory and we went in and she was just like "I'm blessed to have you as my companions and never wanna hurt you and started crying" and I was like... well there goes that. And it's gotten better since then. I've actually learned to love her despite our differences.Our districto consits of Hermana Manning and Hermana Lybertt, us tres companions and Elder Adair and Elder Winger. Hermana lybertt actually had Elder Brendan Lee as her mission prep teacher so that's pretty neat. Us cinco hermanas share an apartment. Five girls, one shower. You do the math. Yeah, it's been quite the adventure so far! Elder Winger is super random as well as hermana Vea. Elder Adair is pretty serious and Hermana manning is quite girly and ditzy. Our district is the bomb. It's really like your own little family here. So back to the MTC being horrible for a moment. I wanted to go home soo bad and then Elder Adair gave me a blessing Monday morning and said every little thing I needed to hear and since then it really has gotten so much better! I've had more tolerance and patience for my companions and have been able to focus more on what I'm doing here rather than what all my ex boyfriends are doing ha. :) And my Spanish has come along A LOT!  By the second day we were praying in Spanish and had to teach a lesson to our Investigator in Spanish. I was losing my mind. By Monday, I had the craziest thing and was just able to grasp so much and I went in our lesson without notes and said all of my parts in Spanish and it came. We are in the West Side and it's only Spanish speaking. So that helps A LOT Our investigator is Fransico. He's moving along pretty well. We are inviting him to baptism tomorrow so we will see how it goes. He's pretty receptive and we do well in the lessons other than one of my companions wants it all to be so perfect and congegate perfectly so it kinda comes out as uhm... jesuscristo... uhm... amor... while staring at the ground. So hopefully that goes away soon so the Spirit can be stronger in the lessons. All of Hermanas are in the choir (lol at me singing, right?) anyways. Music can seriously have such a great impact and invite the Spirit. Last night we sang Jesus, once of Humble birth during the devotional and to just imagine him going into the tomb and then Mary pulling the rock with light peering through was soo powerful! Tomorrow morning we are singing "Holy ones of Israel" and an Apostle is coming. Which one, we don't know yet. But nothing is better than having words of how powerful we are as an Army to take away all the sins of the earth. And we get front row yay! :)Along with all the good stuff, there is funny moments in the MTC. 

You might be in the MTC if.....

Elder Teu compares the MTC to Prison
Hermana Manning leans over during devo and tells you that guys in suits is like lingerie to men. 
Elder Winger eats a banana without peeling it to explain that we can't understand the gospel all at once. It comes with peeling it all back at different times.
They ask everybody who got Dear Janed/John this week to stand up in the devo. 
Staying awake takes so much effort. You really do not get enough sleep. 
Gym time is hilarious to see all the Elders go from men in suits to little boys in gym shorts.

Also for a closing spiritual thought. In Nephi it talks about the fruit of the tree and how we can partake of it. Even though Elder Winger's example was awful... you can partake of the fruit of the gospel in the simplest way and when we do, we are able to have the spirit with us and will feel peace and love like no extent. And since it's Thanksgiving and tradition is to say what we are thankful for... I am so thankful to have you all as my eternal family. I am thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for his sacrifice. I can't even begin to imagine all the pain he went through. I am thankful for the power of prayer. Never have I ever prayed this much and I can honestly testify to you that he is always there! He will answer our prayers and he will supply us in richness beyond comprehension. 

Yo se Jesuscristo es mi y ustedes Salvador. Yo se la iglesia es verdadera. Yo se familia es eterno porque el expacion. Yo aggradecidio estoy el misionera en el tiempo!

(Uncles don't examine all my espanol. It's a work in progress haha)
Have a lovely week darlings.
 Love you all!! Hermana Veater

Districto. aren't we adorable?

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